Raw Whitefish require level 1 Fishing and a Fishing Rod to catch. Each fish rewards 10 fishing experience.


Requiring level 1 Cooking, Raw Whitefish can be cooked into Whitefish, rewarding 10 cooking experience.


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Leveling informationEdit

[Accurate as at 20/09/2018] Leveling from 1-4 (where level 1 is the earliest players can catch Raw Whitefish, and where level 4 is the next tier of fish, Raw Glassfish) requires a total of 209 experience (level 4: 209 - level 1: 0). Because each Raw Whitefish rewards 10 Fishing experience, a player has to catch 21 Raw Whitefish in order to reach level 4 (209 / 10).

Drop sourcesEdit

Young troll