Evark logs are logs that are obtained by chopping Evark trees, requiring level 10 Woodcutting and a hatchet. Chopping an Evark tree grants 47 Woodcutting experience. Evark logs are used in several Carpentry related weaponry, and can be considered the best method to train 10 to 35 Woodcutting.

The most common use for Evark logs is making Evark bows, because of the relatively good Carpentry experience for the resources used. Evark bows can be sold to the Bow merchant.

Locations Edit

West Athagos

  • Near the Pond, south of Grimwall
  • Yorkhill, around the player owned housing in the east side of Yorkhill

Bal Sardan

Uses Edit

Item Level Materials Skill
Evark bow 12 6 Evark logs,

1 Bowstring

Evark lute 13 5 Quartz,

2 Evark logs,

1 Garnet crystal

Evark crossbow 14 4 Evark logs,

1 Bowstring,

2 Verum ingot

Evark staff of fire 15 5 Quartz,

2 Evark logs,

1 Garnet crystal


Drop sources Edit

Source Level Quantity Rarity
Ent 55 1-5 uncommon
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