Elemental Grimoire Edit

Profession for combating with staffs. Also required to wear cloth armor.
Skills (NOTE: Ice skills are not implemented yet)
Skill Level Discription
Flames 1 A powerful fire attack
Glacial Spike
Glacial Spike 1 no discription yet
Combustion 8 no discription yet (10 second firedot)
Shatter 8 no discription yet
Blast 15 no discription yet

(Fire AoE attack)

Iceblock 15 no discription yet
Trail Blaze
Trail Blaze 23 no discription yet (short movementspeed increase)
Frostburn 23 no discription yet
Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath 30 A powerful fire attack (AoE Fire attack)
Ice Hail
Ice Hail 30 no discription yet
Flame Lance
Flame Lance 35 no discription yet (Fire attack)
Frozen Barrage
Frozen Barrage 35 no discription yet
Immolate 40 no discription yet (Buff - increases fire damage)
Inner Frost
Inner Frost 40 no discription yet
Weapon Abilities
Skill Discription
Fire Ball A basic fire spell
Flame Bash
Flame Bash A staff attack which deals extra fire damage
Ice Bash
Ice Bash A staff attack which deals extra Ice damage
Electric Bash
Electric Bash A staff attack which deals extra Electric damage
Stranglevine A medium range attack which deals earth damage and makes target unable to move for a short time
Rockslide A medium range attack which deals earth damage and stuns target for a short time
Flame Barrier
Flame Barrier no discription yet (30% increases in wind/fire/earth/ice resistance; reflects 30% damage of slash, pierce blunt damage)
Flame Wall
Fire Wall no discription yet (Sets a small area ablaze)
Firestorm no discription yet (Fire AoE-Dot around yourself)
Landmine no discription yet (Places a landmine on the ground. Several Landmines can be played aswell)
Flashfreeze no discription yet
Waterwalk no discription yet
Ice Barrier
Ice Barrier no discription yet
Cryostasis no discription yet
Icy Touch
Icy Touch no discription yet
Additional Unlocks
Level Discription
1 Unlocks ability to wear wool clothes
7 Unlocks ability to wear cotton clothes
15 Unlocks ability to wear silk clothes
25 Unlocks ability to wear jute clothes
40 Unlocks ability to wear flax clothes
55 Unlocks ability to wear ramie clothes
Craftables (Alchemist's Workbench)
Name Level Discription Materials
Home Tele
Home Wayshrine Teleport 7 Teleports to your registered shrine

1x Garnet Crystal

Yorkhill Mon Tele
Yorkhill Monastery Teleport 15 Teleports you to Yorkhill Monastery 1x Garnet Crystal
Bal Sardan Tele
Bal Sardan Teleport 15 Teleports you to Bal Sardan 1x Garnet Crystal
Athagos Lighthouse Teleport 15 Teleports you to Athagos Lighthouse 1x Garnet Crystal
Yorkhill Tele
Yorkhill Teleport 15 Teleports you to Yorkhill 1x Garnet Crystal

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