Harvesting cotton requires level 7 Farming and a Scythe; and it grants 30 Farming experience. Cotton can be found at Redwin's Farm, just southeast of Yorkhill. The fastest way to get there is by asking the cart rider to take you to the farms for 15 silver.

Weight: 1

Value: 35


Cotton is used to craft the following items which require level 7 Tailoring.

Cotton in Tailoring

Cotton Yarn

Ingredients: 1 Cotton

Experience: 30

Cotton Cloth

Ingredients: 1 Cotton Yarn

Experience: 30

Cotton Bandage

Ingredients: 1 Cotton Cloth

Experience: 30

Leveling TipEdit

Currently, cotton tailoring is the fastest method of experience for leveling Tailoring from 7-40.

As shown above, each piece of cotton grants 90 Tailoring experience when making them into Cotton Bandages.

Level 7-15: Cotton Required: 169.

Level 15-25: Cotton Required: 943.

Level 25-40: Cotton Required: 5086.