Help around the monastery to pay for your stay. This quest can be started by talking to Tailus in .Yorkhill monastery.

Find and help out MerrickEdit

You'll find Merrick north of the monastery. He'll ask you to craft 2 items for him (see table below).

In order to craft these items, you'll need a total of 7 Iron ingots, which are 21 Iron ores. You can smelt the ores into ingots using the forge.

You'll then proceed to crafting the required items using the anvil.

Items to craft
Level Item Material Tool
1 Iron broadsword 3x Iron ingot Anvil
1 Iron buckler shield 4x Iron ingot Anvil

Follow and help out Nort [back to top]Edit

After crafting the items for Merrick, you'll be interrupted by Nort who requests your aid at the beach. Merrick tells you he made a mistake and didn't need the sword and shield after all and will let you keep them. Even though they urge you to use them in the next part, you don't have to.

Nort is waiting for you at the beach near the stairs north-east of the monastery. He'll ask you to slay an aggressive crab that is blocking him from fishing for dinner.

Monster to kill
Level 2
Behavior aggressive
HP 124
Damage 1 - 9
Drops 4 - 9 silver, Beach crab leg, Beach crab pincer, Beach crab meat, Coral key, Fishing rod

After that's done, you'll need to fish some Raw whitefish.

Those will be cooked to Whitefish using a stove inside the monastery. The kitchen is in the left room of the northern part.

Tailoring tutorial by Tailus [back to top]Edit

The next step is a tutorial on tailoring. You'll find Tailus to the left when exiting the kitchen. You'll need to craft a wool bandage.

Steps to wool bandage
Level Item Material Tool
1 Wool yarn 1x Wool Spinning wheel
1 Wool cloth 1x Wool yarn Loom
1 Wool bandage 1x Wool cloth Tailors' workbench

Now you need to use it. In order to do this, you need the healing ability "Wool bandage heal". Open your skills menu (shortcut K) and go to your healing skill. Then click on the "Abilities" tab and drag the first ability to your hotbar. Press the appropriate button, wait for the ability to finish and talk to Tailus a last time.